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What is Vata Dosha? 

After birth, once the baby and placenta are delivered, the mother's womb is filled with air and space. Air and space are the elements of Vata Dosha. 

What is a Dosha? 

In the Ayurvedic wisdom, the doshas are the organizing energies present in your body. Each doshas carries specific qualities. There is 3 different doshas: 

  • Vata 

  • Pitta

  • Kapha 

The Doshas are constently affected by whatever comes your way through your senses. They are affected by your senses but also by your environment and events such as season, climate, time of day and childbirth. Those changes can bring imbalance in your doshas. 

We are all born with a specific combination that represents our fingerprint and when our doshas are balanced this is when we are feeling the best.

During childbirth, every mother are experiencing an excess of Vata dosha. Vata dosha is the energy of air and space. There is so much happening in the mother's body, so much movements and changes that Vata is brought quickly out of balance during pregnancy and childbirth.

The qualities of Vata are light, cold, dry, mobile, irregular, rough and subtle. Vata is responsible for your energy, breathing, circulation and digestion. It is CRUCIAL to pacify Vata during the first 42 days postpartum for you to truly heal and rejuvenate. This is when Vata is out of balance that we observe postpartum depression, anxiety, digestive problems, mastitis, low milk supply, anger, irritability, mood swings, exhaustion, hair loss and so much more. 

How do you bring back Vata to balance? 


During your Sacred Window you need to bring in the opposite qualities: warm, heavy, moist, oily, stable, gentleness and love. You need to have an appropriate diet but also a specific self care, rest and connection within. 

The Pivotal Postpartum Protocol is based on the 4 Ayurvedic pillars to bring deep balance, healing, harmony and rejuvenation between mind and body. Mind and body have to be nourished and cared for during such a Sacred time. That is why following the Ayurvedic diet, meals and drinks as well as abhyanga, rest, belly binding and Sophrology is CRUCIAL for your healing as they all work to pacify Vata.


A rejuvenated mother is a healthy family. If the mother is depleted the whole family is affected, her bond with her baby is affected, her health is affected and her relationship with her children and husband/partner is affected.


Live the next 42 years in rejuvenation and follow the Pivotal Postpartun Protocol! 



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