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Closing Bones Ceremony

closing of the bones ceremony
closing of the bones ceremony

Closing Bones Ceremony 2.5hr

The closing bones ceremony is a cross-cultural right of passage ceremony. It does not belong to one culture, it is an honor of all the cultures that stand. It belongs to all mothers around the world. During the birth, you are going through so much, you go through a portal where you are left open physically, emotionally, and spiritually. With the closing bones ceremony you are going to close, lock up the birth portal and bring back to the present. Motherhood is an initiation, a rite of passage where you are transformed into a new version of yourself. The ceremony is to honor you, the mother to the rite of passage, to integrate your birth experience, and sacredness into your postpartum, and set you up into your motherhood journey in your new self. 


The ceremony can take place anytime, can be at 6 weeks postpartum or many years later. The ceremony takes place when you are called to receive it. When I enter the sacred space, I enter with gratitude, calm, love, care, and groundedness. It would be an honor to witness you and honor you in motherhood. 


The ceremony can involve: 

    - Herbal foot bath

     -Birth story listening       

    - Homemade hot tea

    - Meditation - breathing exercises - relaxation

    - Womb massage 

    - Closing of the bones 


Before the ceremony takes place we will have a 30 min phone call to discuss your intention and desires for your ceremony.

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