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About Chloe

"Birth is the portal to a sacred window, a new mother is born unto herself. The mother creating her cocoon, reborn with her baby like a caterpillar that transforms into a butterfly is motherhood." - Chloe Searcy

Ayurvedic doula

Chloe is a mother of 4 and devoted Ayurvedic doula, sophrologist and former psychologist. 

Chloe guides mothers to live in harmony within during pregnancy, birth and their motherhood journey. She helps  mothers to connect with their womb, baby and themselves using the powerful method of Sophrology.


She also supports mothers who desires to have natural birth in the comfort of their home or a birthing center as an Ayurvedic birth doula. She brings a wealth of knowledges and experiences to the birth space to empower the mother to birth the way she desires. She supports not only the mother but also her husband/partner as she believes the partner plays an important role at the birth. 

She is a mom of 4 children and experienced 3 empowering home births. She is originally from France and speaks fluent english and french.


She is also passionated to guide mothers to full healing and rejuvenation during their Sacred Window postpartum following the Ayurvedic wisdom & protocol.

Chloé believes that the care of the mothers should not end after the birth but continue during the postpartum sacred window. She also believes that the first 42 days postpartum are sacred and should be concentrated on love, healing, self care and bonding with the baby. She assists the mother, her baby and her family in resting and rejuvenating after the birth. Chloe mothers the mother so that the mother can heal and bond deeply with her newborn baby.


Chloé anticipates the needs of families and loves sharing and educating when it is needed.

Chloé desires to leave the mother and her family feeling empowered, loved, vibrant, strong, calm, rested, rejuvenated, grounded and cared for. She looks forward to supporting and honoring the whole family during this sacred season of life.

"I am so grateful that Chloé was a part of my birth team for my first birth. Chloé's calm, comforting energy and grounding presence was invaluable to me. As soon as Chloé arrived, I felt a sense of peace wash over me (and excitement!). I knew that Chloé believed in my strength and ability to give birth, and so despite my extreme exhaustion, my own confidence and belief in myself revived as soon as she was by my side when I was in the birthing pool.


Not only did Chloé hold the energetic space I so needed from a wise woman, but she also held my hand, applied ice cold washcloths to my head, neck, and shoulders (and continually refreshed them), gave me first-time-breastfeeding advice and assistance, helped me shower and change into fresh padded underwear. Chloé holds so much wisdom and valuable knowledge around birth and infant care and I am forever grateful to have had her support during my first birth and transformation into motherhood.


Every time I watch our birth video, I am reminded of Chloé's soothing care and I am touched by her love. It brings me to tears! My only wish is that we had called Chloé to arrive to my birth even sooner! I would absolutely recommend her services to every birthing woman."



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