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Introducing Cocoon & Womb

Motherhood is a time to connect with your sacred self & get the guidance, support, and pivotal protocol that you deserve 

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Ayurvedic doula

"Sophrology opens your consciousness and Ayurveda nourishes your mind & soul. When Sophrology and Ayurveda meet together a true synergy takes place."

- Chloe Searcy


Get to Know the power of Sophrology

"Sophrology is all about empowering you, the mother-to-be, helping you to understand, embrace and integrate the changes that happen in your body, mind, soul, and spirit. To access your inner power to connect in a deeper way with your baby and intuition. Sophrology will increase your confidence, prepare you for the rite of passage, birth, motherhood, and your sacred postpartum season by giving you the tools you need."

- Chloe Searcy 

Belly Binding

Ayurvedic Belly Binding

Ayurvedic Womb oil therapy + Belly Binding healing session  1.5hr

Belly binding is a way to bring well-being during your sacred window. In the first 42 days, the mother needs to stay warm, well-nourished, and rested as much as possible. Belly binding encourages healing from pelvic/pubic separation. Your relaxed and stretched out muscles will be supported. From an Ayurvedic perspective belly binding grounds your nervous system by preventing air, fluids and space elements from accumulating in the body, bowels/abdomen. Helps your organs come back into their proper positions, aids digestion, aids posture, and helps with the application of therapeutic oils. At the beginning of each session, we will be doing breath-work, meditation, and visualization with sophrology. An Ayurvedic womb massage would be given before each belly binding with healing therapeutic oil. 

In the Ayurvedic method, we use muslin fabric. It can be worn for up to 24 hours everyday during your sacred window and beyond as desired. The belly binding can take place a couple of hours after the birth as soon as the vitals are stable. Belly binding helps your uterus on the journey back to their initial size. Ideally, contact me before 37 weeks to reserve your belly binding if you want to have it just after birth. 

       " It makes me emotional writing this. I had a rough start to my postpartum journey. I had an emergency c-section. My core was completely shot. I never thought I would regain my strength back. It wasn’t until I met Chloé who helped me find my inner strength. She’s helped me in so many ways. I’ll always be so grateful the universe put her in my life. I look in the mirror and see a stronger version of myself. The Abhyanga massage was a game changer. My stomach would have never healed as fast as it has since working with Chloé. I notice a huge difference in my posture. She has truly helped guide me back to full healing and rejuvenation. If I have another baby I would be honored to have her by my side again. Her healing hands and energy are pure magic. She puts so much thought, love, and care into everything she does. Chloé’s meals are absolutely divine and very nourishing as well. Any mama would be so lucky to have her during such’a sacred time in their lives. Her services are one of a kind and truly transformative. Chloé’s work is sacred and a true practice of Ayurvedic wisdom & devotion".


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