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Belly binding

Ayurvedic Womb therapy & Belly Binding

Ayurvedic Belly binding 

Belly binding is such a great way to support you after birth. It is such an important part of your postnatal healing.

In person Womb therapy & belly binding session 

The session lasts an hour and half. I guide the mother to a deep relaxation state using Sophrology. I will be practicing womb massage with herbalized healing oil and foot massage. We will end the session with belly binding. This session offers one Ayurvedic belly bind wrap and herbal bath

I also offer guided belly binding instruction to learn to belly bind independently and/or with your husband/partner to safely belly bind for the first 42 days postpartum

Do not hesitate to contact me to schedule your healing session! 


According to Ayurveda, the first 42 days postpartum are considered in a Sacred Window. This is a crossroad where the mother can experience a deep healing and rejuvenation or experience deep depletion. Belly binding is one of the important components of the Ayurvedic postpartum care, to support the mother to the path of deep healing and rejuvenation. Ayurveda says that what happens during the next 42 days after birth is the reflection of the next 42 years for mothers.


Postpartum belly binding is a practice that has been used for centuries to help new mothers heal and recover after childbirth. Belly binding is a big component in the Ayurvedic postpartum care and according to Ayurveda, every mother should belly bind for the first 42 days after birth or even beyond if desired. This traditional practice supports the body during the postpartum period. It creates a sense of support physically and emotionally. Mothers who belly bind reduce the risk of postpartum anxiety and depression.  

The benefits of belly binding are many: it can help to reduce fluid and air retention and closes empty spaces in the womb, helps the pelvis and hips to close after birth, provides postural support for the torso and organs as they return to their pre – pregnancy position, brings physical support to the muscles and organs, stabilize the ligaments, aids in restoring abdominal wall and diastasis recti recovery, prevent back discomfort and slouching while breastfeeding, improves circulation and decrease the length of postpartum bleeding. Belly binding during your postpartum journey will heal the mother faster.

Belly binding not only brings physical comfort, healing and support but also emotional stability. It brings an overall feeling of mental, emotional and psychological support and helps the hormones to regain balance more effectively after birth.

Belly binding brings deep healing and rejuvenation to the mother. It is such an essential part of the recovery for the mother during the postpartum season bringing such an amazing experience.

Additionally, a belly binding during pregnancy can be especially beneficial for pelvic support. It is important to note that postpartum belly binding should be done with caution and under the guidance of an Ayurvedic doula specialist.

Belly binding can also be used during the woman’s menstrual cycle!

In fact, it will bring comfort and the right pressure on her womb. The menstrual cycle is a time for detox, rest and rejuvenation where your body needs to feel supported, comforted and relief from cramps and discomforts. Belly binding helps you mitigate your bloating during this time and it can even shorten the time of the period.

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