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Ayurvedic Postpartum Sacred Window

Birth is an Initiation & the rite of passage to your postpartum Sacred Window

Process of restructuring

Birth is a life-changing event for a mother. It is a time of great joy and also great vulnerability and fragility. Every time a woman gives birth, she is reborn herself. It can be her first or 10th birth, it will always be an initiation and it must be recognized as so for her to properly heal.

The physical, emotional and psychological changes that the mother goes through during pregnancy and birth are incredible. A woman’s mind and body undergoes tremendous changes during pregnancy, labor and birth. Everything in her life needs to be restructured after giving birth.

The mother is now at a crucial time in her life where she is facing a crossroad. She has the decision to either take the path of deep rejuvenation or the path of deep depletion. Ayurveda says what happens during the first 42 days postpartum will affect her health, well-being, and ability to mother & partner for the next 42 years and the way her body will go through menopause.

Those first 42 days represent a foundation

The first forty-two days postpartum is a Sacred Window for a new mother. It is a time for her to rest, heal, and bond with her baby. During this time, the mother needs to be surrounded by love, support, and understanding. This period is essential for the mother's physical, emotional, spiritual and psychological well-being.

The postpartum period is a time for the mother to nurture her body and soul. To reconnect between mind and body and bring an harmony within. It is important for her to get enough rest and eat with the proper spices along with being properly prepared with all the right nutritious ingredients during every meal. This is important for her to have the proper care and guidance during those first 42 days. Visits should be limited as she needs to protect her cocoon to rejuvenate. This will help her to adjust to her new role as a mother, give her the space and time needed to heal, rest and to adapt to the changes in her body, mind and spirit.

The type of support during this crucial time can bring to the mother deep rejuvenation and healing after birth. Including the Ayurvedic care as mentioned above like Abhyanga massages, self care, womb massage and belly binding, spices and herbs, proper nutrition, rest as well as emotional and spiritual care like therapeutic discussion, meditation, and bonding with her baby. This type of support helps a mother to feel safe and supported as she transitions into her motherhood journey.

When a mother receives the guidance of the Ayurvedic care, she is able to heal things deeply physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. She will be able to create a deeper bond with her baby, her relationship with her partner will become stronger. She will feel strong, grounded, and calm as she enters motherhood in harmony. She will be able to even feel better than before pregnancy, slower aging and healing old cells.

However, if she does not receive the proper support and guidance after birth, mothers can experience deep depletion, which can lead to postpartum depression, anxiety, psychosis, rapid aging, mastitis, colic in the baby, trouble bonding with baby, hair loss and seeds of relationship issues planted with her partner and future health issues with her body.

The postpartum period is often underestimated and not enough prepared for. It is important to bring awareness on this crucial time and the importance of proper healing.

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