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Birth Preparation with Sophrology

Practicing Sophrology

Birth Preparation Offering Benefits

  • Reconnect with your femininity 

  • Embrace your new changing body

  • Eliminate fears & doubts

  • Deep bond with baby

  • Be in tune with your intuition

  • Manage fatigue during labor 

  • Change the perception of pain

  • Anticipate the stages of labor

  • Recharge your energy

  • Learn breathing exercises to better surrender during labor

  • Trust your body

  • Prepare for your sacred postpartum


Reconnect within: prepare for your birth with sophrology 

Virtual and or in-person birth preparation package with individual sophrology sessions: (8 - 12 individual sophrology sessions)

  • First initial consultation 1h30 

  • Following sessions 45 min 

During our sessions, we will be using gentle movements, breathing exercises, meditation and visualization.  Pre and post-sessions you will have a time to share how you feel and what you would like to work on. 

Practicing sophrology is key to accessing your inner self and preparing the best for labor and birth.  You will receive a recording of each session to be able to practice on your own at home. 

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