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Virtual Ayurdoula services

Ayurveda spices

Virtual Sacred Season Support with Ayurveda

In the Ayurvedic philosophy and care, birth is an initiation every time a new child is born. It is a rite of passage and the mother needs to be honored. Nearly every aspect of the mother’s life is in the process of restructuring. The body needs to physically restructure after pregnancy & birth, the mind/emotions/spirit are completely changed by the journey of labor & birth. The mother during birth travels to the stars and back with her baby and creates a unique opening. 

This virtual offering is imperative if you want to feel fully prepared and supported during your 42 days Sacred Window. Thanks to this support you will enter the path of rejuvenation and not the path of depletion. Investing and preparing for your first 42 days is investing for your next 42 years and for your rite of passage of menopause. 


The offerings can be customized to your needs, wants, and the timeframe you choose. My Virtual postpartum care is basedAyurvedic         principles: 

  • Access to an Ayurvedic postpartum care companion guide 

  • 1 call of 40 min during every week of care 

  • Visualizing and creating your postpartum vision 

  • Belly binding tutorial 

  • Abhyanga tutorial

  • Infant massage & exercise tutorial 

  • Postpartum pantry checklist 

  • Complete 42 days menu and step-by-step guide

  • Essential first meal plan  

  • Postpartum recipes 

  • Unlimited support via text 

  • Ayurveda postpartum recovery box (additional fees may occur) 


Ayurveda postpartum recovery box

You will find in this box everything you need to be well prepared for your Sacred Window 


  • Sitz bath

  • Herbal bath blend 

  • Lactation tea 

  • Abhyanga oils - curated for your specific needs 

  • Belly bind wrap

  • Pantry spice starter kit 

  • Handmade ghee 

*A la carte services are available. I customized my offerings to the mother's needs. 

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