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Ayurveda postpartum care 

Ayurveda says that pregnancy in itself is a sign of good health; and unlike the postpartum time, there aren’t too many specific protocols that must absolutely be followed. It is important that during pregnancy the mother is kept happy, safe, loved and stress free. Practicing Sophrology during pregnancy will bring peace and a deep connection within and with her baby. It will nurture her mind - soul and spirit for a more peaceful pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum. 


However, it is imperative to be well prepared and nourished during the 42 days. Birth is an initiation and a mother is reborn every time she has a newborn. She is as fragile as her newborn baby and everything inside is restructuring. The mother's body needs to physically restructure after pregnancy, labor & birth and her mind/emotions/spirit are completely changed by the journey of labor & birth, her relationship with herself and her partner are inevitably different now that her new baby is born. All of her routine is different. Every aspect of her life is in the process of a restructuration.

For all of these reasons, a rare opening occurs. The mother enters a Sacred Window during the first 42 days postpartum. Ayurveda says what happens during these 42 days affect her health, well-being, ability to mother & partner for the next 42 years. This is a crossroad in her life. She can either take the path of deep rejuvenation or the path of deep depletion. Everything that she does and everything that she eats will form a foundation for the next decades to come. 

My goal as an Ayurvedic doula is to guide every mothers to the path of deep rejuvenation. 

If the mother receives the Ayurvedic diet and protocol care after birth, she will experience a deep rejuvenation, her body will recover beautifully from pregnancy and birth, and she will able to heal things physically/mentally/emotionally/spiritually from before she was even pregnant. She will be able to have a deep bond with her baby, her relationship with her partner will take on a new depth. The mother will feel strong, grounded, calm and peaceful as she enters motherhood. It is a must for a mother to prepare for her Sacred Window because if she does not receive the proper support during her 42 days postpartum, she will experience a deep depletion. This is where we see unfortunately postpartum depression, anxiety, psychosis, rapid aging, mastitis, colic in the baby, trouble bonding with baby, seeds of relationship issues are planted with her partner, seeds of future health issues are planted within her body.

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